Bowl Hins

At a play date Wednesday, Declan spent the entire time using his friend's bowling pins (which he calls bowl hins). I was shocked because he concentrates on one activity for a max of 2 minutes normally. My girlfriend told us to take them home and Mr D has been in bowling heaven ever since. He's spent HOURS daily setting them up and knocking them down. He wakes up talking about them and cries when he goes to bed because he wants to keep playing. His nanny was texting me pictures  of him in action because they played practically all day yesterday. I'm sure the shine will wear off but it's too cute for now.
The creative way he sets up and figures out how to knock the pins down is adorable. This morning he loved to sit in his little stroller and throw the ball from there. Don't you love the imagination of a 2.5 year old?! Keeps me laughing that's for sure. 


Simply Complex said...

He is seriously SO cute! Especially in his stroller.

April said...

He looks so big in the last picture! Maybe it's the stroller he's sitting in. : ) But he is turning into a little man. So cute!