and so we wait. and wait.

Last May we turned paperwork in to our agency for adoption #2. We were excited but unsure we were quite ready to add to our family. Fast forward to today. We are SO ready for Declan to have a little brother or sister yet we sit and wait. Nothing has happened with our home study since turning in the initial papers in May. No meetings with a caseworker, no fingerprints, no background checks, nothing.

Fortunately March 11th is our next step. I say fortunately because I am not known for my patience. It seems like we've been waiting for-ever. Oh, yeah, because we have. We pray and believe that God knows who our next child will be. There are so many days I trust His plan for my life and there are definitely days where I just want to take the reins and "get things going" (such a weak heart, for sure).

When Declan came along, I forgot the majority of the physical and mental pain of infertility. As a mother life has still been peppered with many reminders- those "oops" pregnancies I hear about, the constant comparisons people make with their children (oh, he totally looks like so and so, etc), and now- the pain rises again. We can't just say, let's try for #2 and excitedly wait each month watching for those 2 pink lines. We have zero control over how quickly we're moved through our home study.

So we wait. And wait.

In our waiting I pray for a deeper faith. God definitely exceeded our expectations with Declan.  Pretty sure His plan with blow our socks off again.  Patience...patience...patience.


Marilyn said...

Yikes--I think we use/used the same agency. I am wondering why it took so long for them to get in touch with you? Would love to know what happened because we are hoping to adopt #2 through them (in a year or so) and would like to know if there are issues. My email is merle301@yahoo.com

EMILY said...

Its HARD stuff huh..You guys will be in my prayers. God WILL blow your socks off AGAIN!

samsmom said...

I am a follower of your blog and have been since we adopted our son Sam about three years ago. We are in the same boat as you are...waiting. We were matched with a birth mom last June and she changed her mind about the adoption in October which wasn't easy, but we know God has the master plan. So now we wait some more. Just wanted you to know you are not alone. This waiting is the HARDEST part. But when that wonderful day comes...so worth it. I know you know that. :) Praying for you all. Your little Declan is a cutie-pie.

Rebekah said...

I know all this...too well. It never gets easier. We haven't even turned paperwork in and I'm getting impatient :). Hang in there and know that God is moving!