the big move

When we bought our home nearly 6 years ago it was perfect. Fabulous old neighborhood, woodwork everywhere you turn, nice and roomy. Then Declan entered our world and the "low maintenance" (i.e. super tiny, non-existent) back yard became a huge drawback instead of a sweet plus. We bounced around the last couple of years from trying to sell to figuring out ways to just be content and make it work.

After an unsuccessful few months on the market, we had finally come to a conclusion: we'll finish the basement, thus solve our need for a 3rd bedroom and 2nd bathroom and just stay 5ish years. About a week before the framer was going to begin, I struck up a conversation with the investor that bought the house directly next door. He was doing a major reno which meant we were being woken up too early by the sounds of hammers, saws and who knows what else. Come to find out- he was renting it. My wheels began to turn and I asked for first dibs. He gave me a crazy look and agreed. About 3 weeks later we walked through, loved it, and put down a deposit to rent it.

CRAZYCAKES?! Maybe to some. Why would we want to move from homeowners to renters? Why move directly next door? What about our house? It made complete sense to us. We'll move to meet our family's needs, stay here a year or two or six. All the while, we add "landlord" to our description and nurture a new investment opportunity. Risky? Hopefully not too much.

We found amazing tenants very quickly (in 12 hours on craigs.list we had 33 viewing requests) and solidified the details. We took off for Vegas knowing keys to the new place awaited us with a cushy 2 1/2 weeks to move before our tenants took possession. The call that shook the plan came as we boarded the airplane. Our tenants, who were moving from Texas, got a job and needed to be here ASAP. Like, as in, a week. Keep in mind we were walking on to a plane on a Thursday, returning on a Sunday and, now, handing over keys to our old home that next Sunday. Not a single thing was packed.

It wasn't easy. In fact it was completely horrible. BUT...we made it. In 7 days we packed, moved, unpacked, prepared our old house and collapsed every night in sheer exhaustion. Not even 2 weeks later, we feel 80% settled. We absolutely love our new home. There is a big finished basement where Declan can play to his heart's content, Mark has his own bathroom which is fabulous in too many ways to name, our backyard is getting great use now that it's not 100 degrees outside and we're just flooded with contentment.

Sometimes those nutty ideas just work themselves out. It took me about 2 days to get over my pride about renting (I sell real estate so I get some grief for being a renter). Why so short? Probably because the water heater went out, the basement flooded twice and a floor drain had to be busted out. The peace of calling the landlord and knowing the repairs were not on our dime was confirmation enough. Renting, for now, is a fit. (Please send good vibes that, as landlords, we don't need to fix anything big anytime soon.) Ha!

So, I give you, the BIG move:


Tracey... said...

Wow! You guys are crazy....and brave! Good for you!

BrandiH said...

Congratulations on the move!!! Some times I wish I still rented just for those reasons. I'd love to just be able to call a landlord and say "This is broken, fix it."

Seriously....Me. said...

Bravo! I would love to do something similar!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes renting can be such a weight lifted off your shoulders. Congrats on the BIG move! Glad you like your new space. And holy super fast packing Batman!

April said...

Yay! That's quite exciting. :) Glad you were able to work things out and that your new place is just what you need right now!

A Life Being Lived said...

Even though I'm sure it was a mad race to get packed, it couldn't have worked out better! Sometimes when you take the leap to do something seemingly "crazy", the stars align and it turns out to be the best decision ever! And yes, being able to have separate bathrooms is a HUGE PLUS ;)