Then he was THREE

Oh my stars. It has happened. 
My baby is a little boy. Time did what people says it does with kids and flew by. 
We are so very blessed with this spunky, opinionated, hilarious, athletic, happy, tender hearted, inquisitive, fearless boy:
Happy birthday, Declan Isaac. 
Three years ago we never knew how rich our lives could be with you in it. 


happymomof2 said...

Happy Happy 3rd Birthday Declan!!!!

Christy said...

Such a happy time. And totally amazed at how fast time flies with a little one. Happy Birthday Declan!

Anonymous said...

ACK! What a big boy. Happy Birthday Decs!

Melba said...

Happy birthday to your little man! He may be getting big but he will always be your "baby!"