Friday Dump

Welcome to my Friday iphone dump, 2nd edition. I couldn't include about 10 adorbs pics of my potty training son in his undies and/or sitting on the pot because my husband reminded me there are creepers out there. Darn. I'll just have to save them for his high school graduation video.
 a stroller full of faves:
 Decs trick or treating our street. Big boy!
 Mark's creation. He was proud.
 We held true to our dogless couch oath for, um, 2 months:
 Sophie Mae and those big brown eyes.
 Typical in our house. Little man obsessed with "doing dishes":
 splish, splash

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Bumber's Bumblings said...

Looks like you are just as addicted to instagram as I am! add me on there, if you'd like: bumberjoy