Opening day for GUP Kitchen. We are big fans!
 Runza reward for being such a good assistant (who showed 4 houses with me Friday 
and got many compliments at how well behaved he was...I was like "who?". Just kidding. 
He did great):
 Dressed for success (went to work with me):
 Such a sweet kiddo. Love love.
 Cousins rocking Angry Birds:
 Just the start of a little project I did to display Declan's art skills. ;)
 Soaking up the little park time left. The warmer temps are leaving us (sniff, sniff).

1 comment:

Simply Complex said...

He always looks so stinking TALL. I mean really, is he a giant?

And of course he is always cute.

Man, I don't know how you take him with you to work. I am impressed that you can swing it. Lucky for you!