Cute, right? What's the fun of capturing pics on your iphone if you don't dump them off to be remembered. Here's our week.
croup. steroids. sinus infection. antibiotic. doctor visits. crabiness. 
lots of t.v., snuggles and popsicles.
 We escaped crabby mcCrabs (thanks Papa & Nana!) to celebrate Mark's 31st. So fun.
 Ran in to my cutie patootie niece at the bank. She's a ball of sunshine.
 Got to see friends who are oversees missionaries in Poland and Spain via Skype in church today.
 Stuck at a train for 15 minutes on the way to an appt today? Fun with sunflare.
 Soft opening of my BIL's new venture: a yum-o fresh, funky food truck GUP Kitchen:
 Just a little trip to TraderJoes:

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Sara said...

Ooooooh a food cart?! How exciting. Website it sweet too. Love the photos of your days...you're beautiful and your life is too. Miss you! xxoo