December Photo Project

I'm so excited to participate in Rebecca's December Photo Project for the third year in a row. I love checking out everyone else's take on the project and also looking back on what caught my eye the last couple of years. Hint- it usually morphs from joy over the first few snows to utter stir crazy madness. Join in if you want!
 December Photo Project

Tonight, we had several odds and ends to pick up at my happy place (i.e. Super.Target) and one of those was a warm winter hat for Decs. From probably 10 options he absolutely insisted on the ugliest one. It's a dog hat complete with huge furry ears. Bleh. If you know me, I don't like dressing him in cutesy kid themey type clothes but, let me tell you, some battles aren't worth fighting. Some family might chuckle at this choice because they've witnessed him role playing as a dog for weeks. Yes, eating from bowls with no hands, panting, scratching, barking, etc. When he misbehaves he listens better if I refer to him as doggie. It's a phase....right...um...please (!!!) Anywho, I wasn't shocked that he decided on wearing it all night which lined right up with the fact that I hadn't taken DPP's day 1 pic. So here he is in all his doggie cuteness:

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RT said...

We try so hard to keep our kids looking cute, and then you turn around one day and s/he's wearing an Elmo t-shirt stained with grape jelly. Sigh. That being said, I think Declan looks absolutely perfect in that hat. So so cute.

You are featured on the DPP site today!