Oh christmas tree (nearly the death of me)...

Our fake tree bit the dust last year but, until then, I loved it. With a couple little clicks, it was full and pretty and had built in lights. Easy peasy. This year we decided to cut down a fresh tree. Fun times! Well, the Saturday we had chosen (right after Thanksgiving) was suuuuuper windy so we opted for a locally cut birch tree and my parents graciously helped us haul it home and set it up. We were so excited to decorate it!
Post nap, we got some Christmas tunes going and started to track down all our ornaments (we moved in August and some things aren't where I mentally placed them). So, a bit of a rocky start. Add in an excited and grabby 3 year old and I started repeating "this IS fun, these are GREAT memories" over and over in my head. 

So, alas, the tree was up and decorated. Mark retreated to his favorite place- the basement bathroom (sorry---gotta keep it real to completely document the experience) and I made one more quick adjustment to the tree from below because it seemed to lean. Before I knew it, the entire tree fell on me and forced me in to an odd position underneath it completely straining my knee. I had run a 5k two days before and my knee was tender. I start yelling [turned screaming] for Mark. Declan ran away (to knock on the bathroom door I was hoping). Mark finally burst in to the room. He was sure I had cut my arm off so he was sort of relieve I was "just" trapped under the tree. This naturally led to a [thankfully short] argument and I realized Decs wasn't there. 

Here's the heart breaker--he was at the bottom of the basement steps bawling!! My screaming scared the bajeebers out of him. I picked him up and cuddled him close and he kept repeating "lets take the tree back, I don't like the tree, the tree hurt mommy." Instead we went and bought a new tree stand, said our apologies and made a fun night out of it. Hopefully we didn't permanently scar the poor kid. 

In the past couple weeks it's been a battle of keeping the dogs from drinking the tree's water and, ultimately, I can't wait to snag up a fakey at a post Christmas sale!!


Tracey... said...

We love our fake one! Don't worry...if me setting off the fire alarms while cleaning the oven doesn't scar Sam, this won't scar Decs!

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh Ash... this is hilarious, kind of sad and precious, but hilarious!