We are having such a fun summer!!! It includes lots of swimming. :) For a change of pace we went to our only local spray park. To my son's delight, there was an ice cream truck that makes regular rounds (smart man). Even better? They had Sonic ice cream. For some odd reason, Declan is obsessed with Sonic. Oh the joy:
My adorable niece and sister in law:
 We have been getting lots of swimming time with the cousins lately:
 We even have our own little water park:
 Very difficult to eat ice cream when it's 105 outside:
 Celebrating Papa's birthday!! Such a good time!
 We started swim lessons this week and Declan loved it!! He keeps saying "remember, that time when I had swim lessons?" Yep, little man, I remember. We have 3 more lessons lined up. Excited to see him progress.
 Usually, this is what happens by the time we leave the pool parking lot:
 Friday night we had box seats at the baseball game per one of our vendors at work. Such fun times with my little cheeseball:

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