*Color * Run*

Somehow a couple weeks ago I was talked in to doing the Color.Run in Omaha. I've been running off and on for a year but I haven't ran in forever so I was a little nervous. Last week I decided to run 3 miles and make sure I'd survive. I did, but it was hard.

Saturday we were all decked out in white and ready to roll.
There were 13,000 runners and we wanted to be in wave 1 so we stood in line ready to start for over an hour. The twist? It was 100 degrees and humid. Oh boy, it was toasty.
The Color.Run is a 5k where you run through different color stations. As you run through the stations, you are doused in colored corn starch. This was the blue station:
After the orange station (which got me good):
I've got to be honest...this race was TOUGH. I have never ran in heat. This was full sun, open road, and hilly. Holy crap, it was over my head. I haven't been working out or been eating many carbs (though I loaded up the morning of the race). I was dizzy and my head pounded the entire time. My husband was texting me during the race because he was worried. Fortunately my running partner slowed to my pace and made sure I was okay. After we passed the finish line, I opted to go rest next to the medic tent just in case. My friend captured this pic:
 Overall, HOT, but fun. I'd be down for another Color.Run in different weather conditions. They are all over so if you see one near you, go for it!!

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