a sweltering good time

Mark's been in Chicago with friends so I've been trying to fill our time as to preserve my sanity. Last night, after only being home for a couple hours from swimming, Declan was climbing the walls so I made the last minute decision to go to an outdoor concert at our local mall. At 7:30, this was still the temp, blech:
Regardless, we embraced the heat and settled in at the concert. Declan lasted half a song sitting with me before he was up dancing and entertaining hundreds of people. He is uninhibited and outgoing! He soon took a break and walked right up to this couple (I didn't know) and sat with them.
We ended up hanging out with this couple the rest of the concert. Ah, to be "uncomfortably friendly" as I call it. Fortunately these folks were easy to talk with and we were no longer strangers after Declan broke down all walls. I feel like adults should be more like kids sometimes, ya know?
And my little sweaty, dancing, social butterfly shook his grove thing all the way to the car.
Declan, you are so active and exhausting. You need constant entertainment and attention. You get comments from everyone in your life about your energy (which can be hard to handle). BUT, darling boy, you are sooooo sweet and lovable. You are kind and friendly. People are drawn to you and your inquisitive mind. You put smiles on people's faces tonight with you dancing and your waving. You have your own style and groove in life and you are super silly. Wouldn't want you to be any other way than exactly the way you are.


Our family said...

I love that last photo!! Haha! My kids are pretty reserved but I think it would be fun albeit exhausting to parent a complete extrovert.

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Oh my word, he is SO adorable!! Look at that swagger...such a cutie and so much fun!!