I feel like our friend group is pretty small. Everyone is so busy that I'm thankful to have a handful of great people in our life. These past few weeks we've been able to not only spend time with those we see on a regular basis, but those who we rarely. So blessed.

Courtney and I went to high school together. We had an instant connection over boy band crushes, real life boy crushes, singing Lauryn.Hill at the top of our lungs and making fun of ourselves. We had a great dinner out when she was home from Texas recently.
 Chris and Megan are both JBU grads (where I went to college) though we didn't meet until after our JBU years. Ahem, semester. (Not my fault---Mark lured me back to L-town). The 4 of us bonded years ago and really enjoy long dinners out where we talk about any and everything. This particular dinner was nearly 4 hours long. They're the best.
 Kevin (far right) is another high school friend. He met Makiko at the University and they married years later and settled in Japan. They have the most darling little girl, Lina. Loved seeing them as they visited Lincoln recently!
Nathan and I were connected at the hip all through Junior High. We thought we were really cool but I'm sure we just annoyed everyone around us with our secret stories that made us burst in to laughter. Regardless, some of my best memories were born at Johnson Lake high on Mountain.Dew+Hawaiian.Punch or on various retreats or trips. We had the opportunity to celebrate Nathan and his beautiful new bride Alyson. They live in NYC and Mark and I absolutely need to visit them soon.
 Linda and I have known each other over 10 years through our husbands but have hung out way more over the last few years. Our boys love each other and there is just something so natural about our friendship. This night, her and my bestie Kristi were out on a girls night. We had yummy ice cream, talked for hours at a coffee shop and even wrapped up the night at a local restaurant. So thankful for those ladies in my life!

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