I haven't gone to the fair for as long as I can remember (elementary maybe?) This year we went twice! Earlier in the week my friend Sara and I took our boys to the petting zoo and pig races.
Declan's favorite thing was the pig races. Each spectator got to pick a pig to cheer for (they all had different colored fabric "shirts"). After you picked your pig, you tore off half a numbered ticket and dropped it in the color slot. Well....Declan's colored pig won! Yay! But, there were a bunch of tickets in that slot so we weren't expecting to win the whole race. Wouldn't ya know it?? They drew his ticket!! He was thrilled and enjoyed his big prize: shaved ice. :)
Friday night, the temps cooled off and we were excited to go back with Mark and some family!
To say Declan loved it is an understatement. My little adrenaline junky!!
 Little man begged to go on the "big rides". Someday buddy, someday.
 Decs was barely tall enough (on his toes) to qualify for a smaller roller coaster. He loved it!!
 Mark road this crazy ride that slowly inched  super high and then did a sudden, fast drop. Yikes.
 Oh, did I mention the fair food? YUM.
 We had an absolute blast! Can't wait to go back next year. Decs was zonked by the time we got home and hasn't stopped talking about it since...."mommy, remember when we went to the fair? And road the rides? And, remember when I won the pig race?" I sure do. ;)


happymomof2 said...

Awww GREAT memories!!

Simply Complex said...

Declan looks SO TALL. He always looks really tall for his age. Amazing.