First Pitch

This past Saturday was such a fun day! It was "Night at the Ballpark" with the Children's Home and Declan got the opportunity to throw the first pitch out at the Saltdogs game.
 Getting instructions:
 Meeting the team's catcher:
 There he goes!!! He did awesome!!
Wish I had the video version of this picture. Basically, Decs took off and started dancing on the pitcher's mound. Homer the Dog (the team mascot) joined him! Leave it to Decs...
 The catcher was nice enough to sign the ball:
 Lots of family and friends joined us to support Decs. Here with cousin Asher:
 The grand parents:
We settled in to our seats (by settled I mean "struggled to keep Declan in one spot") to watch the game.
Notice the sweat shirts? Yes, it's August in Nebraska and we are wearing sweat shirts. It was freeeezing. We actually bailed about the 6th inning because we were so chilly. Tomorrow? The high is 91. Totally stereotypical Nebraska.

We had so much fun and it was great to support the Children's Home. Declan was a rock star first pitch thrower.