Four. Babyhood is long gone. I have a little man. A little man who has opinions, a distinct personality, a funky style. We are peeking around the corner at Elementary School and talking about preschool friendships. I tell ya- it's lightening speed. One minute you are changing diapers and rejoicing at a 4 hour stretch of sleep and the next moment your negotiating scooter riding time for picking up toys. Parenting my spirited son has always been [and will likely always be] uber challenging but today I focus on the fabulous Declan Isaac. My FOUR year old.
Declan is such a SWEET boy. Always caring and concerned.
 He is so silly. These days he role plays a lot- mostly 
as Sonic the Hedgehog.
 He is so handsome. I know all mamas think this about their
kids. :)
 He's extremely active and very goofy.
 He is sensitive to sounds and crowds.
 Ah....my sweet, adorable, opinionated, happy, silly son. You bring
unexplainable joy to our lives. Looking forward to seeing how your rock your 4th year. :)

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Kristin (kekis) said...

Great shots of such a precious little man!