Friday iDump

I'm resurrecting the ole iDump. I love the ability to catch the random day to day with my phone.
my little artist with his picture of me:
Jack is such a weirdo. He'll lay like this forever:
 Got to babysit my nieces this week. They are so adorable:
 We've been getting adjusted more with all the sickies going around:
 Just chillin' at the chiro's office. This kid cracks me up:
 Keller Grace
 Declan threw a fit about not being able to see Dora while eating. This was our solution. Some battles aren't worth it:
 We hosted our first b.day party for my brother:
 lazy dogs:
 When the temps are about 40, this little guy heads outside. Love having a big fenced yard. It's going to be a fun Spring/Summer:
 Pizza night with the cousins!
 story time with Uncle Ryan:
 some serious Mario playing...
 relaxing and getting better:
 My favorite decor item: a huge 42x42 Instagram display:

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