Days after finally moving in to our home, Declan woke up with that horrible sounding croup cough. He struggled to breath and we spent the rest of the night going in between the steamy bathroom and the cold outdoors. The next day I scheduled an appt at 1:30 but about 10:30am after taking his temp (it was 101.3) I gave him Advil and he puked. Off to the doctor (early!) we went. By the time we got there he wasn't being very responsive and his temp went to 103.9. YIKES! We left with a croup diagnosis AND an influenza diagnosis. The next couple of days were a roller coaster but he bounced back so quick! Phew. So, we settled in to the new place by staying holed up in it for a solid week. Good times. Stir crazy, much?!
Soooo out of it. Poor buddy.

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