what's next?

What's next with our adoption journey? I wish I knew. As we approach yet another update with our current agency (with very few showings), we are at a crossroads. We applied with another local agency and interviewed for the 4 open spots. There were 20 other couples that interviewed for the same 4 spots. We got a call today that they filled those spots with 4 childless couples. They loved us, but thanks no thanks. Frustrating for sure.

A ray of sunshine in this darkness is that we just completed our second week of 10 weeks of foster care training. We aren't sure fos/adopt is our correct path but we're getting prepared if it indeed is. From here I guess we research different possibilities (facilitators, agencies, attorneys, etc) and see what our next adventure is. By calling it an adventure instead of an incredibly draining and annoying process of meetings and paperwork, I feel a little better. Ha! Everyone copes differently, eh?
love this nugget...

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Rebekah said...

I am truly sorry, friend. I know these pains and frustrations all to well...All you can do is keep your options open and see what God will do.

Your family is so beautiful; I have no doubt that God is not finished...

Hang in there.