heart : melted

Tonight at bedtime Declan was in big stall mode. After a snack, a potty break, song time, prayer time, another potty break, he wanted me back in his room. It's stormy so I just laid on the ground next to him (he's in a big "sleep on the ground" phase) and Declan wrapped his twiggy arms all the way around my neck. I breathed him in. He smelled so good all fresh from the bath. Then, I had this sudden flash forward of life in 10 years: I'll have a hormonal 15 year old that won't let me snuggle and will suddenly have new priorities---friends, hobbies, etc. I'm sure I'll be the embarrassing parent and will hear "mooooooooom" with a big eye roll and sigh.

But...not tonight. Tonight, my almost 5 year old wanted me. All of me. Not a distracted, go through the motions me. Just mommy. As we full embraced hugged, this was the exchange:

"Decs, please promise me that you'll always and forever love your mommy."
"I promise. Because you are silly and nice and beautiful."
{I die of the sweetness}
"....no matter how old you are, you'll love me?"
"Even when I'm a daddy like daddy, you'll be my fave." 

How did I get the cutest, sweetest, most heart warming child ever? Probably because he's the most challenging, will testing, busiest, talkative kid ever. God knew all his qualities would perfectly mesh.


Rebekah said...

I have those same flash-forward memories. I am trying to soak all the moments in, now...we will miss these days!

dristy said...

This post just made my cry laugh with a mouth full of tea I was about to spill out.

I have a baby boy of one year and I also have this flash forwards ... Being a full time working woman, I miss most of the times I could spend with him.

It's hard to leave him in the morning, he hugs my arm while sleeping and wont let it go even when he's asleep.

Children are so precious!