Declan's inability to focus on one activity has always been hard. He is "on to the next" as soon as you think he settled in to what he is doing. I assumed it would get better with age. Each year of soccer I was little more hopeful than the last. Nope. Zero attention span. BUT...the clouds have parted and a passion has been born: skateboarding. I have to drag Declan out of the skate park every time we go. A couple times after 5 hours. We love going too. There is such a community of great people and we have built some neat relationships.
 The monkey on the left is Declan's friend Owen. His mom and I are really good friends. Bonus!
 Here's  glimpse of "skate school". It's every Saturday morning for 2 hours.
 Because, really, does it get much cuter than green skinnies and gray chucks?
 Quick dinner break...

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happymomof2 said...

WOW!!! That is awesome. He is such a cutie!! My son is the same way, zero attention span, always hurrying off to the next thing. Eating is the worst, he inhales his food/ barely eats to go do then will come back an hour or so later wanting something to eat- UGH!!!