One thing that caught me off guard when the boys came home was how difficult it was for Declan. I should have totally expected it. He has been our only kid, our everything, the center of our world for 5.5 years. As a spirited, high maintenance little man we couldn't help but be constantly engaged with him. The rug got pulled from under him hard because now he had to share everything from toys to time to us. Hard stuff.

We have done a lot to be intentional with him. A couple afternoons a week we each do a special outing. He also stays up 1+ hours later than the boys and we get good, quality time. But- when it comes to the boys- he seems more irritated by them than excited by them. In the mornings "J" will yell "Dec-an, Dec-an" when Declan enters the room and Decs will completely ignore him. It is sad to see and I've been praying for a turnaround. Thankfully we are getting glimmers of what brotherhood will look like. Different times throughout the day I'll catch "J" and Decs playing a game together. Then I'll see "K" and Decs wrestling and giggling. 

As week two wraps up our family continues to gel. I know it's going to be a looooong process but this bright spots give us a hope for something amazing. 


Rebekah said...

Keep pressing on. It took us a solid six months to feel like a family. You can do anything for six months :). I think it was a little easier bringing LJ home because he was the same age as Ty. I am much more worried about how the sibling interaction is going to go, this time around, if we end up bringing home these two darlings.

You're doing great, mama, and all three of your boys will rise and call you blessed.

Deb said...

Praying those little glimmers continue to come more frequently. I know with us, with both placements it took Isabel a good 2 months to get fully adjusted and start to enjoy having sisters.
Praying it's sooner for your boys.