It feels really good to have a week with the boys under our belts. Every day we get to know each other a little bit more and each night we collapse from exhaustion. Ha! First of all, I'm completely amazed how the boys have fit in to our lives. We had dinner at each set of parent's houses this past week and it was great.  In my sister-in-law's words: "this is the start of something beautiful." 

I want to keep it real. We have been uber overwhelmed. The boys get up suuuuuper early and it's been hard to increase the activity level 110% and lose sleep. It's also been hard being a referee…"that's miiiiiiiine!!!" (Normal sib stuff I know but it's all new to us). Poor Declan has had a hard time adjusting.  Just these last couple days I've seen him take ownership over his brothers and enjoy their presence more. Tonight while I was getting the littlest ready for bed he comes over, pats his head and said "it's my little K__ boy." My heart smiled because adding "boy" after a name is a show of affection that I believe his Papa started. 

TIME TIME TIME. Time is going to help us mesh, help us help them heal, help us love deeper. Can we love them like we love Declan? Absolutely. Time. What will our challenges be moving forward and are we capable to handle them? Yes. Time. 

Have I mentioned the jump from 1 to 3 is no joke? Seriously. Cray. It will be exciting to sit back and evaluate in 6 months. Our heads will hopefully stop spinning and we will be able to enjoy the chaos more. 


Sarah M said...

These photos are all so sweet. I especially love the one of Declan with the stroller!
Sarah M

Kristen said...

Congrats on making it through your first week! As the only sister with four brothers I promise there is tons of fun and smiles coming your way along with the craziness. If your boys are anything like my son, the crazy is also tempered by sweet sweet hugs. Hang in there!