Life has been busy and challenging and fun lately. Here's a little Instagram.Dump:

Declan got his hair chopped last weekend.
I was at an open house and Mark texted that the boys were finally asleep (they had been fighting it before I left). I pulled up the camera on my phone and had to let Mark know the unfortunate news that they were indeed NOT sleeping. HA!
Decs got a special day with Nana which wrapped up with making meatballs. Yum!
We took a little trip to the library. All three boys loved it.  
No matter how crazy things get around here, the most heart melting moments for me are when all 3 boys play together. 
**I will not be able to show the boy's faces until we finalize the adoption which may be 7-12 months**

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happymomof2 said...

Completely understand the picture thing but I'm LOVING the pictures you are posting!!! Looks like you are making it day by day��
Decs new do looks cool��