Pumpkin Patch

We love Roca Berry Farm and visit every year. Little did we know, we would live only 5 minutes away once we built our house. Score! The place is a parent's dream: not to big, not too small, full of super fun things and all things FALL. 
Snapped this when the boys were mesmerized by a haunted house.
Yes, we bought a lot of pumpkins. 
The main attraction for most kids: SLIDES! 
These huge pillows (think oversized trampoline) are a blast....and quite the workout:
One of the new attractions was this fun barn where you could shoot at targets. 
The boys and grandma having fun!
I couldn't help but get nostalgic about last year. We had the twins. Our future family was still a giant question mark. Somehow I knew God's vision for us would be amazing. That it was. Here we sit, a year later, a little bruised and weary from a foster care case that feels like it may never end. But it will. We know our "outcome" will be a forever family to these two sweet sons we can't remember life without. 
Last year with the twinks:

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