Then he was 6

How is it possible that this little chubby faced, smiley, sweet, sassy baby is SIX?!
 Time truly flies. I use to hear that and roll my eyes and now I fully embrace that saying.
Declan is a little boy now...but always my baby.
I'm so proud of who he has become (though I could deal with a little less of the constant negotiating...this kid will not take no for an answer). BUT...he is sweet and caring and has loads of friends at school. Plus: a girlfiend. Whaaa?! I know! Oh Lily... ;)
Funny, silly, magnetic, easy to get along with. Love you, sweet Decs. 
 We had a Minecraft party, of course. I accidentally scheduled it on Grandma's birthday. Whoops! Fun to celebrate them together, though.
 This kid does not lack exuberance. Ha!
Mark and I took Decs lunch at school. He was the first kiddo to turn 6 in his class. I don't regret waiting to send him because he grew so much last year in academy preschool. 
We met some of his goofy friends and I like having faces with names. He was so proud we were there. When does that change and they get embarrassed of us? I'll soak in this stage for now...


Rebekah said...


Maya's Musings said...

Just wanted you to know, I have followed your blog for many years! When I heard what you named your son, I fell in love and tucked it away. I mentioned the name Declan, to my husband 20 months ago when we started the adoption process again. Well, we brought our son, Declan Elliot home almost a month ago!!! When people ask me where we got the name, I always tell them, it was from this blog I read :)

dristy said...

How come you guys never grow older? Check all your old pics with Declan and only he is growing up LOL! I have been checking on your family updates for years now and it feels amazing to see Declan grow up!
Happy birthday dear!