January so far...

We celebrated Evie's 5th birthday party in Omaha at CoCo Keys (indoor game/water park). The boys loved it and so we'll need to go up again soon...maybe for L's 4th birthday in March.
That night Declan got some quality cousin and Nana/Papa time with an overnighter. This was the pic I got from my mom of Declan loving his hot cocoa. 
Sunday night movie night. Crosby and Declan chose to be fireside:
Sometimes my 2 year old looks 4. Amazing how quick kids grown. Sniff, sniff.
On the way home from skating, Declan was telling cute stories only a 6 year old could make up. Love him all deep in thought:
Ryan came over for our Monday Bachelor nights and the dogs immediately claimed his lap. Unfortunately, this season is a bore so I think I'm done.
I'm so happy my grandparents moved back from New York. Gie (what we call my grandma) and "B" are buddies. 
My aunt and cousin visited and we got to spend some quality time together. They joined in with the trainable fun.
Declan is so excited to test for his BLACK belt soon. Can't believe he's stuck with this so long. Hope he keeps it up! We see a ton of potential for him to do amazing in martial arts.
I don't want to nix anything but it's been unseasonably warm all month. It was over 50 several times this week and the boys drug all the toys over to the last patch of snow of course. 

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happymomof4 said...

My cousin's BFF is on the Bachelor this season (team Whitney😉), she is the ONLY reason I'm watching!!!
LOVE all the pictures, such cuties you have!!! Good Luck Declan on your black belt, that's AWESOME!!!