That same rink

Just over a year ago, on a Monday in December, we sat home with Declan in preschool and the twins on a long visit with mom and discussed what was next. Fostering the twins was not on our radar but in many ways, we are so glad we did. One of those huge reasons was that we met the caseworker that would ultimately match us with the boys. 
We had the boys on respite the two days before. It wasn't good. It was chaotic, exhausting, confusing. We thought fos/adopting 1 and 2 year old boys would be a no brainer but we paused. Big time. We made a pros and cons list. ((I know! I know! It's ridiculous)) but, with hesitation in our hearts, told the case worker we were all in. That night, we had a mini celebration down at the Railyard here in Lincoln. It's an enchanting outdoor skate rink that I still can't believe is in our city. We had an absolute blast. 
First time skating for this little dude. Celebrating the "yes" given to maybe have two little new dudes join our family:
We went back to that rink this year with those two boys we had said yes to the year before. I had a little moment when I saw Mark walking hand in hand with my older sons so I set down the 2 year old that was on my hip and took this picture because I wanted to freeze and revisit it. 
My parents joined us and my mom took this picture which may be my new favorite picture of all time. It perfectly captures our crazy life. ;)