Full Circle

I had a completely full circle moment the other day. I was at my friend Kristi's house and we had our sons dressed in the same outfits (come on...we're girls!) I was overwhelmed with the memories of when we were both struggling at the same time with infertility. We were each other's "go to" person that we told everything to. She even knew about 2 of my secret cycles that no one knew about except my husband. The support was beyond what I'll be able to describe. We just knew what each other felt like 100%. She was successful in getting pregnant and had a hard pregnancy that lead to a beautiful, healthy baby boy. That sweet boy will always hold a special place my heart. Here I am with not-so-little-anymore Luke (Kristi has my little man):

When Mark and I decided to pursue adoption, she was my #1 cheerleader and prayer warrior. She was pretty much the first to find out Declan was truly coming home in a matter of an hour or so (because she called right after we got word the birthparents terminated their rights...not hearing any news all day was killing her). I know for sure we'll always have a special friendship as we raise our sons together. Here is the picture from the other night when I realized we had come full circle in different ways but together still the same.

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Rebekah Wilson said...

How beautiful! You two are so lucky to have each other and your boys are going to be life long friends :)