Two Months!

Declan turned 2 months old today. I believe that is why the sun is shining after 6 days of rain and cold. ;) It's my theory, ok?!

Here are some notable things from this past month:

Today: October 25th, Declan is 2 months old!
Weight: 10 lb, 4 oz + (he was weighed a week ago)
Nicknames: Decs, Decker, Buddy
This past month...
-We went against our doctors advice and put Declan on Alim.entum formula. It's hypoallergenic and VERY broken down and easy to digest. Besides the price tag (it costs us nearly $60/week) we are absolutely thrilled with the results. It's like we have a different baby. He's so much more calm and happy. Another nice benefit- he's off his reflux prescription and his medicine for constipation. Seems he didn't really have these conditions...it was just a formula issue.
-We've seen him growin' so much! He's 2 3/4 inches longer than when he was born and you can totally tell! This struck me the other night when my 3 year old nephew was holding him and it was such a stark difference from when he was holding his newborn cousin. He has grown out of his 0-3 month jeans but, thankfully, Old Navy has our back so we just went and got the 3-6 month ones! Speaking of clothes, all our newborn clothes are packed away. Crazy.
-He's a big smiler this month and he's starting to coo. So fun!
-He LOVES laying on his back under his Baby Einstein mat. He bats at the hanging toys for 30 minutes or more at a time. He still is a swinger as well. I think he's just a fan of movement in general.
-We've implemented the "BabyWise" theories. It's been great to get him a on a schedule and he seems to be thriving on it too. We are pretty relaxed on his schedule on the weekends but get back on track Mondays.
-Declan's nights are pretty predictable for the last couple of weeks. He eats around 9 or 10pm and stays asleep until 2am and then is back down until 6am. We are both getting a bit more sleep now. Woot!
-Mark and I have continued to be blessed by willing babysitters and we even took in our first post-Declan movie last night.

Check out the little man visiting his Nana at work (note the 0-3 month jean high waters):


ash said...

that's so fun! They really do grow fast! Theia was already 13 pounds on her two month day. Growing growing growing.

Tracey said...

Why did you doctor advice against going off the other formula...where did you find the Alimentum stuff! Very interested in case I get the same problems you had.

Ashley said...

Hey Tracey- My doctor didn't think he had any allergy to his formula so he told us not to switch to the Alimentum (5 different times I asked). You can buy it at Target or Walmart or anywhere. It's Similac. We have been getting it locally on Craigslist and might consider buying some on ebay. Definitely keep it in mind. We didn't switch until he was over 5 weeks old and I really wish we would have earlier so my entire maternity leave wasn't as rough. Plus, you can just tell he's not in pain anymore which is great. It's definitely something to keep in mind for Samuel!

Rebekah said...

I can't believe he's already two months! He's so adorable, you must feel like you're living in a dream! :) It's good to hear you so happy!

Melba said...

Oh Ashley...he is SO precious! I'm happy to hear things are going well for you with his food and growth. Just out of curiosity, why did your dr. not recommend the better formula?

becklaw said...

oh my goodness, he's growing up before I get to meet him! I cannot wait!

happymomof2 said...

HAPPY 1st Halloween Declan!!!!