picture time!!!

Look at Mr. Alert:

My husband doesn't read my blog so I can post this cute pic. It melts my heart:

Declan either rocks his tummy time or HATES it. Here, he was having a good time:

My nephew is so proud of his "little buddy". He takes every opportunity to hold him and I can't wait when they can run around and play together:

My brother is a big macho guy and wouldn't hold Declan because he was "too small". With a little convincing, he held him and I think Declan won his uncle over!

Look what we got in the mail from my Aunt Annie...an activity gym!! He's mesmerized and spends time on it every day!

We love our evening walks with the dog children. Tonight it was pretty chilly so Declan rocked a little hat (thanks Chris & Meg!):


Liz said...

so precious, sparks.

Tracey said...

Great picture....does he have red hair? Cute!!

Ashley said...

Yes! His hair is blondish-red. His birthdad's hair is reddish. Not fire engine red but reddish...pretty cool really. It will all work out since it name is Irish. ;)

Amber, that's me! said...


I am so bummed, I haven't been keeping up with your blog because I started using the google reader thing and showing how computer un-savvy I am, it was not posting updates since you changed your blog access. I remembered it last night in bed, and wanted to run down to the computer to see how you all were doing! You have the most beautiful little baby boy! He is just wonderful, and has really grown since my last check in. Again, I am so happy for you!
Amber- the dyer baby site

Anonymous said...

What great pics! I especially love the one with your brother.

Diana said...

Aw, too cute! I love pictures of babies with their daddies, melts my heart too.