Mahoney State Park

Last week we had our annual trip to a nearby state park. My husband's family and 2 other families have done this trip each year for 23 years! This was my 9th year to go (1 year as friends with my hubby, 3 years dating and 5 years of marriage). First of all, even though this is a state park, we don't camp. We have a huge comfy cabin. Though every year is a bit different it is always filled with card games, junk food, a football game, lots of lounging and did I mention junk food? This year was obviously hugely different for us because Declan was there. It was hard not to remember that last year I was really struggling. We were in the middle of a round of shots/IUI so I was a hormonal disaster anyways. My cousin-in-laws had their beautiful 8 month old and it was a painful reminder of what we wanted more than anything and couldn't have. This year I felt so much joy being around her and seeing her with Decs.Overall, this year was much different but it was an absolute BLAST!! Declan had lots of arms to be held in and did pretty well. It was great to be hanging out with so much family (plus some very missed family members that live in Seattle). :) :) I have to admit, it will be nice when he's a year old at this time next year. I can't wait for the next round of little Mahoney-ites to start experiencing all the fun that we have for many years. Here are some of my favs from the trip:

My cousin-in-law and 2 of my sis-in-laws:

The annual football game. I was trying to be artistic and make the green color stand out and everything else be black and white:

I probably shouldn't admit that this picture makes me smile so much. It's my father-in-law (Grandpa H) with Deckers. He was having a reflux/colic melt down.

Here is my hubby lovin' on little Declan after the football game:

Here is me with that precious little girl I was talking about above. She is at such a fun stage (she'll be 2 in Feb.) We can't wait to raise all our kids together. My hubby is still so close with all his cousins and I love that.

...and here is our whole crew...


jesshustad said...

lets go back...

Marcia said...

This looks like soooo much fun!!!!!

webkinzfan said...

I absolutly LOVE Mahoney SP!!!
I've been there about 7 times.
The first 5 times I stayed in cabins and the last 2 in the lodge.
I always had a great time. I esp. enjoy the theater.