The Formula Chronicles

I've written about our formula woes several times on this blog. Every time I mention it, I get a few emails in my inbox about it. Before I get started I want to say that I'm not a pediatrician and I would never encourage anyone to diagnose their baby from the details of our journey.

Common questions:

1. How did you know you needed to change formulas? When did D's symptoms start? Declan joined our family when he was 1 week old. His birthparents said he was a super gassy baby and didn't sleep much at night. We "acted" accordingly to the gassiness he was experiencing. For us, gas drops did nothing. We tried several bottles and ended up on Dr.Browns. (with N.UK nipples). It didn't make much difference. He was really hard to console, didn't sleep much, pulled his legs up, had a loud "rumbly" tummy, had rabbit poops or pebbly poops. Something just wasn't right. We thought it was colic.

2. Did you try anything before you got on the expensive (Ali.mentum) formula? Yes!! We tried different bottle first of all. Then, after a frantic visit to our pedi, we put Declan on Preva.cid and Milk of Mag.nesia. So we were treating him for acid reflux and constipation. I would say his symptoms improved 25%. It was only a honeymoon period, though. He was right back at the screaming, not sleeping, pooping problems. He was also on a "gentle" type of a popular formula.

3. What is Ali.mentum?? Ali.mentum is a hypoallergenic formula that is very simple and broken down. It's used for babies with milk intolerances, etc.

*One thing I want to add- our doctor was against us moving on to Ali.mentum. Mostly because of the huge cost to us and the fact that a formula intolerance is marked by more watery stools and Dec's were opposite. The straw that broke the camel's back was a Friday where Declan hadn't slept at all from 7am-7pm and was screaming so hard his eyes were bloodshot. My mom called and said GO GET THE ALI.MENTUM!!! Within 48 hours, he was a different child. Happy, comfortable, a pleasure to be around. He was off his reflux meds within a couple days and off the milk of mag.nesia within a day. His stool became normal (for the first time). He was 6 weeks old at this point.

4. You mention how expensive your formula is. Can you get it in at Wal.mart or do you order it special? You can buy this formula anywhere you'd get other formula. It's about $27/can which lasts only 3 days or so. Declan's tummy stopped liking the powder and did well with the Ready-to-Feed version which was $9/bottle/a day. YIKES.

The GOOD NEWS?! It's temporary!! Just today, we started adding Tar.get brand "gentle" formula to the Ali.mentum!! His stomach is doing great with it!! There is a light at the end of this pricey tunnel. ;)

Thanks for all the questions. If I missed anything...shoot me another email. I am very thankful there was an option out there when all seemed bleak so hopefully this post isn't too doom and gloom.

p.s....I could never figure out why people put dots in words. It's so if someone googles "Ali.mentum or Tar.get, etc.", my blog doesn't pop up.

p.p.s....I think it's impossible for me to post with no pictures, so I'm leaving you with a shot of Mark showing Declan some of his favorite music videos on our laptop. Here, they're listing to Michael Jackson. Not sure if the little man is a fan quite yet but I'm sure he will be. ;)


Jess said...

That last pic is adorable!

EmilyLove said...

first of all: thanks for your ps! i was sooo wondering "what the heck with the dots??"
second: i'm pretty sure declan likes the MJ moves.
and third: i'm so glad you are able to ween off of the $$ formula, and hope it works!!
much love!

EmilyLove said...

oh!! AND: D's hair totally looks red in this pic :) i thought you'd like to know that thought crossed my mind.

Doublebanker said...

It's hard to believe that the "cost of raising kids" increases with age...especially with expensive formula and diapers!!

Check out thiswatermelon being shot with a bullet if you have time!

Sam said...

Thanks for doing this post. Although we do not have exactly the same problems with Ukulele - they are similar enough that I am going to talk to our pediatrician about possibly blending formulas for her....

Amber, That's Me! said...

seriously. he is just.to.cute

Anonymous said...

Those pjs he's wearing are too cute, and he looks like such a big boy sitting there like that!

KimboSue said...

Thanks for the info from the non-MD mom! Better hearing real life situations than from Dr. Google!

Eileen said...

Beautiful picture of D at the top! And the dogs too:)