Picture challenge!

I love reading all about the life of this family. There are 4 little boys and baby twin girls! Craziness!! Anywho, she challenged other bloggers to go to their May '08 folder and pick the 21st picture. Here's mine:

This picture is from the Husker's Spring Game this year. Notice the stadium is packed (sold out actually)!! It's pretty crazy considering Spring Game is a glorified practice. Well, we were excited to take in the game and were about half way through the 2nd quarter when my husband's high school friend that went with us started throwing up ON MY HUSBAND. He is 6'8'' and was sitting behind Mark so it was a straight shot on to Mark's head. It ended up he had food poising from chicken so it was pretty freaking disgusting. After throwing up violently 4 or more times, I turned around and said we are leaving NOW. He's such a dedicated fan he wanted to stay. Ug. Not a very good memory though it's slightly funny now.


Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

oh my goodness. POOR Mark! I am actually a vomit-phobe, (as in, not scared of spiders, but seeing/hearing people vomit!) so that pretty much would have made me go into shock.

Shasta said...

Love all the red! Our school colors are red too!

and eww for the throwing up, that's awful!