Did you hear about the OCTUPLETS (that's 8 babies) born in California yesterday?! Holy crap.

It brought me back to my infertility treatment days. My mind flooded with the memories of taking shots every night. I would feel the twinges and the pressure and the pain but wait in suspense to hear how many "good follicles" I had had brewing. Since I have polycystic ovaries, my follicle count was usually way out of control (20+ mature follies on each ovary...yikes). What did this mean? If I were to get pregnant, my chance of conceiving multiples were really high. I left my first reproductive endocrinologist because she insisted I sign a form that said I'd reduce fetuses if I were pregnant with more than 3. We didn't believe in reduction so we cancelled a cycle or two due to over response (and found a new endocrinologist).

It makes me wonder...did this new mom in CA do fertility treatments?? If so or if not- what were they thinking when the ultrasound showed 7 babies (the 8th was a surprise at birth). All I can say is GOOD LUCK. ;) Parenthood is extraordinarily challenging with 1....8 would put me in a looney bin.

Regardless, I'm sure she's in the hospital glowing over her little ones. All the best to her and hers. Wowza.

+++EDITED LATER+++ I'm stunned to hear the news that the mother of the octuplets has 6 kids already at home (her parent's home), she's unmarried, she used donor sperm (I don't have a problem with donor sperm within itself), her own mom was quoted saying that that her daughter really liked having kids and didn't want the 8 remaining embryos from previous IVFs/transfers to go to waste. I'm completely shocked to hear that the endocrinologist transfered all 8 embryos, and he should lose his license in my opinion. Ug. I have much more to say but I won't.

*P.S...I've been over doing the "p.s.-ing" lately but I wanted to share a picture I came across tonight. I was transferring old pictures to a memory stick (those have a more official name, don't they?) and saw one of my favorite pictures from Declan's first day home. It's of Mark and his dad and little D in his nursery. Look at the peanut!! Tiny tiny!


Jess said...

That pic is so cute! Look how small!! Oh, they grow SO fast.

As far as the octuplets....

I think there is something sad about it. Something very very sad. For several reasons...

While it's joyful (and amazing) that the babies are doing well...It's sad that this HAPPENED. The situation that woman (and man? Is there a husband mentioned?) must have been in when trying to decide what to do is everyone here's worst nightmare. I hope I am never in her place, or a place anywhere near hers. I also am thankful that I never WAS, since like you, I did many med/IUI's and often had 5-6 follicles.

The other thing on that note is that I'm unsure HOW this sort of thing HAPPENS when everyone working towards pregnancy is 100% RESPONSIBLE. Twins, triplets, quads...sure. Possibly. But for you to be pregnant with 8 babies with no one acting a fool medically speaking is NOT likely and it's sad that someone wasn't taking the risks seriously. IMHO.

Also sad is the fact that the logistics of emotionally, physically, and mentally supporting 8 babies, possibly some who may have higher needs even if they have a good prognosis...is truly daunting.

Not to go all heavy handed on you, of course, but dang. Sometimes I'm just shocked at this crap.

Ashley said...

Jess...I don't think you are heavy handed on me. As I mentioned in my blog, we made the decision to cancel cycles that had a lot of follicles. For us, it was hard b/c the drugs were so expensive, etc but the risk wasn't worth it.

Montefusco Family said...

Holy crapola!
8 babies is a whole lotta everything, crying, pooping, eating, clothes, diapers! Aaahh
My mind reels at the though.
I too have my hands busy with my one and it is slightly stressful to think of having another at this point.
I only ever had the chance of 4 (mature follies wise) and even then I did a whole lot of praying that only one would fertilized.
Thank you Jesus.

Adorable picture of your guys. Declan was sooo tiny there!

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

8. Wow. Just thinking of the fact your family would need a new car, not to mention how you would ever get out the door to go anywhere! They should go on Oprah or something to get some sweet deals on gear! :)
P.S.-Love the new look!

Kristin said...

And look at those skinny (and long) little legs!

Courtney Hope said...

adorable picture... even if it was a p.s. :)

question: where are you getting these cute headers for your blog these days?? I'm trying to revamp mine and am only getting frustrated in the process....

give declan a hug for me!!!

EmilyLove said...

I definitely can't imagine carrying, let alone CARING for 8 babies at once.
The reason I'm making a comment, though, is this picture. You said it was Declan's first night home... I love how Mark looks totally chill and relaxed (as a BRAND new dad) and G looks more nervous than the new daddy! He's probably thinking, "boy, you have no idea what's coming ahead..." Love the pic! And I still love D's room!!

Rebekah said...

Two things: First, my mother-in-law called me about the octuplets last night (I hadn't heard) and she said she had it out with God. She didn't understand why this woman was given EIGHT when all I am asking for is ONE. That made me smile :)

Second, what program do you use to do your blog header? They are so stink'n cute I am GREEN with envy!!!! :)