More advice needed por favor...

Everyone is such a wealth of information I'm going to keep hitting you all up for advice! Thanks!

Two things (both having to do with our new 10-12 hour sleep nights):

1. Declan wets through his diaper at night. We currently use Tar.get brand (they never leak during the day). My mom got us some Hug.gies and they leaked too. So, tonight he has both on! Yes, double diaper big butt Decs. Hope it works. ;) What overnight diapers work for you? Decs was allergic to Pampers when he was a newborn so I'm steering clear of those.

2. Declan now flips on to his stomach all the time. Nice developmental milestone, eh? Yes, yes that's true but he HATES IT. He cries and snorts and gets all bent out of shape. During the day- no biggie- just reposition. But now he does it at night too so we have to go flip him over. This mostly happens an hour or two after he goes down and right when he wakes up. So what do we do?? Keep flipping him? Does he just start to like sleeping or playing on his stomach?

This is not an advice thing but I've started to give in to Declan chewing on my (clean) finger. He always tries to shove it in his mouth and prefers it over most teething toys. I know for sure he's teething because I feel 2 coming in on the bottom!


Jess said...

No need to feel like you're "giving in" to the finger chewing, imo....I say if it comforts his little toothers, let him go for it! :)

As for the sleeping stuff....

I would say that he will get used to sleeping/playing on his stomach. Perhaps you could try spending more daytime stomach time, maybe even with you on your stomach with him face to face to make it less intimdating and to distract him, at first...so that you're less ick abotu letting him sleep on his stomach at night? I think that it may just be something he has to get used to...not 100% sure there, though, because both my kids were cool with stomach time and then we had them in snuggle wraps with positioners till they were a little older.

As for the diapers, we found that going up a size helped prevent leaks...maybe if you think the side is good during the day, get a bigger pack for use just at night? And Luvs works well for us, leak-wise. The no-name-brand ones worked for a long time till the kids got a little older and then we had to switch. Double diapering has worked for a friend of mine, but I've never tried it myself. The ONLY other thing I can think of is putting a soaker or liner on top of his diaper at night, though that's probably not the BEST idea because it doesn't fix the wet-against-skin issue at all.


Doublebanker said...

We went up a size on the diapers, which are designed to hold more. It helped our son at night that has been sleeping 8-12 hours. Huggies brand is what we use...Size 2 did the trick for us though. Hope that helps...

Our boy is just over 15lbs now.

ash said...

I agree, go up a size. We use pampers and have actually heard bad things about target brand diapers. There is a time or two a month when I check on her at night and she's really full and I have to change her. That'll get better as he gets older.

He'll eventually grow out of hating being on his tummy. Theia rolled back to front first and would always scream but she got over it after a month or so. I know, sounds like a life time but it's not so bad.

GreenEggsNHam said...

No advice, sorry... I'm still trying to figure out why my 3-week-old squeaks like a mouse... but I will be coming back to read the other comments because I'm sure I'll need this very same advice down the road.

I did want to add that the picture is way cute!

Sara said...

I know a lot of people that use disposable dipes during the day, but switch to a cloth diaper at night because they are SO much more absorbent, and if he is wetting a lot, he's going to develop a rash quicker by being wet for so long at night. So, my suggestion would be to buy 2-3 fitted diapers like this one:


To wash, just throw them in the washer on hot and dry. Super easy.

And to cover the diaper (it's not waterproof by itself) buy just ONE Aristocrat wool soaker cover. The wool is amazing...breathable so he won't get rashy, and it absorbs up to 30% of it's weight in liquid, so it never leaks through. We NEVER had a leak with Bella when she wore that cover...ever. You wash it every couple of weeks...because wool is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-smelly, etc. You just take it off in the morning and hang it on a hook to dry.

You can get those here:

She has free shipping on covers right now too.

So that's my best advice...you won't be sorry! :) And don't poo poo cloth diapers...I guaranty it will work!


Doripink said...

It's SO funny! our kids are like CARBONS of each other :) DJ started rolling on his stomach last night (he does it during the day ALL the time) but this was a first a night. I went in and flipped him at first but he kept ROLLING...so I just left him. He fussed for a minute and then fell to sleep on his belly. It is now 6:46am and he is STILL sleeping!!! I don't know what prayer you prayed, but THANK YOU!!!

On the diaper thing...maybe change him again before you go to bed, we change DJ (he never wakes up) and put him back down. This was he's dry in the am! :)

Have an awesome weekened!

Anonymous said...

My tongue-in-cheek answer to #1 is that Evie never wets out of her cloth :) :) :) But seriously most moms of boys in the cloth diapering world swear by extra microfiber up front, so a quick and cheap cloth-diaper hybrid technique would be to go buy some cheap microfiber towels and fold them into the front of his disposable at night.

As for #2, we have the opposite problem; it's more difficult to get Evie to do tummy time anymore because she's constantly rolling onto her back. What Declan is doing is a stage and it is frustrating for all of you but it will stop (he'll get used to it and/or learn to roll back onto his back when he wants to). I've heard that this stage repeats in some kids with a stage where they can pull up but can't sit back down. A mom blogger I read recently wrote about going to get her son from a nap and he had pulled himself up on the side of the crib and was just standing there crying, his little legs exhausted, but unable to sit down. So sad. It's a good thing we can't remember being babies...so much frustration.

Aaron and Angie said...

Hey Ashley! My sister has two boys and she always used Huggies OVERNIGHTS. She swears by them. She is a picky diaper mom so that's what she did... hope it helps. As for the rolling over, no clue, you can let me know when Holly gets to that point! Haha...

Rebekah Wilson said...

We never had an issue with overnights in pampers. too bad he is allergic to them. I know alot of mommies I have spoken with use Huggies Overnights. Do they make them in his size?

As for waking up when flipping. This happened to Kaitlyn when she first started rolling. It would freak her out. I think we went in a flipped her back over and she eventually just became used to it and liked it.

If he likes to chew on your finger, have you thought about one of those mesh teethers that you can put your mushed up food in? Someone gave me the advice to put in mashed food and freeze it so Kaitlyn could chew on it while teething. She didn't like it but I know of other babies that did :) The mesh makes sure that no big chunks go into his mouth.

Amber, That's Me! said...

We used Pampers and I loved them so I am not much help here, but I would have to agree to yes, go up a size. Every time he would start to leak ( either #1 or #2's) I found that it was time to go up a size. Let us know what you figure out and hopefully for you it's soon.

He will learn how to roll himself back over. I know that doesn't help you RIGHT NOW, but...


happymomof2 said...

As far as the rolling over part, sorry no advice never had the problem. And I am not much help with the diaper situation but if you figure something out PLEASE let me know! I never had this problem with my daughter it must be a boy thing. Anyhoo I have tried the double diaper, the diaper with a pull-up on too etc... And yet almost every morning he is SOAKED, so soaked that his pj's are wet just about all over. I feel horrible and he use to wake up but I guess he has gotten use to it. I saw someone recommended cloth diapers I might give that a try!

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

I think he just hates being on his stomach because it is uncomfortable..esp. if he had tummy issues? He will get used to it and eventually like it! Same goes for the stages of "sitting up" all by themselves...they are using muscles they have never used, and therefore spit up a lot when getting used to it...but maybe more tummy time during the day? I'm sure it will pass soon enough when he figures out he can roll to get places! :)

As for wetting through the night...the only thing I can think of is maybe the diapers are one size too big? We use target brand and luvs and the target brand always has gaping holes if I get him the Luvs size (i.e. he wears 4 in Luvs, 3 in Target brand) between the legs? It may just be he's a heavy wetter, too! :)
Hope that helps!

BecMama said...

Hey Ash, We use Kirkland (Costco brand) diapers. They have been the best for Evan, but I remember Ev going through a phase of wetting through his diapers. Maybe it's time to jump to the next size up.

I also remember freaking a little when Ev would flip to his stomach. It was always at the same time as Decs, about an hour after we laid him down. We turned him to his back for a month or two, and gave up after that.

You'll figure it out Mama.