7 months old!! Say whaaaaaat??

No, really, time freakin' flies!! My baby love is 7 months old today.
Today's date: 3.25.09
Weight: 16-17 lbs
Height: Yes please. Just kidding.
 I don't know how long he is, but he's long!
Things to remember:
-Declan is officially army crawling. 
Nothing is off limits any more. Yikes! We need to baby proof.
-Some of his favorite foods are peas, acorn squash, apple sauce, rice cereal and sweet potato puffs. He also recently likes a mashed up banana. We're going to start transitioning to adding some smashed table food.
-This last month has been a month of colds. Declan is either getting a cold or getting over a cold. We bought stock in Kleenex and I'm getting quite talented at the snot-suck-ball-thingy.
-Declan lets me get ready in the morning while he watches his new love...Noggin'. Oh, he just loves him some Noggin'.
-We've been putting D in nursery at church. Last week he was 1 of 17 kids (that are newborn to pre-crawl). The nursery workers took him over to the crawlers but he seemed so small/young that they brought him back to the regular nursery. Ha! 
Here's Declan's favorite play with toys/watch tv pose. He's watching Ni Hao, Kai-lan:
Ohhh, this look is SOoooo Declan-do-bear:


Rebekah said...

I can't believe it! Time DOES fly! I love watching him grow....he's so precious!

Tracey said...


Amber, That's Me! said...

you do a great job keeping track of all of those little moments that you will want to remember!

Leah said...

He is tooooo stinking cute!!

BB said...

It's weird, I feel like I know him. He is about the cutest guy ever!

Simply Complex said...

Goodness, he is growing- and doing so much! And he smiles all the time too. You are soooo lucky. What a handsome little man!

BrandiH2007 said...

I can't believe he's already 7 months! What a handsome little boy he's becoming!

Melba said...

Such a little ham, I LOVE the pics, and I completely agree with you that time flies - it's crazy!


Neenie said...

omg how cute is this baby? THOSE EYES!!!!!!!