Photo Challenge

I was invited to take part in a photo challenge this week. Here are the guidelines:

"Our first My Life. In Pictures. challenge will start on March 30th and run through April 3rd.
The assignment will be:

Monday- Something new
Tuesday- Something on your table
Wednesday- The view from your front door
Thursday- Something you do each day
Friday- Something old"

See/read more at this blog.

Today is "something new". This is our new bookshelf we got at Tar.get. I love it because it holds a ton and we've got 5 canvas drawers to hide what we don't want the world to see...it's definitely our new command central. Inside it we have mail, dog leashes, all my hubby's crap (wallet, ipod, hats, etc).

A few other things I like about this corner of my home:
-Bullfighting poster hanging on the wall. My husband got it many years ago in Spain and it has his name on it like he's the featured bullfighter. It's followed us house to house for the last 6 years.
-On top of the shelf sits a cool fan my husband got me when we were dating when his family was overseas.
-There are 2 little green vases that we got from a great friend at our wedding.
-Notice the little metal pig? My husband loves pigs and he personally picked this out at Pier 1 years ago.
-There's also one of our favorite pictures of Declan and one of my personal favorites from our wedding (our first dance to India Arie's "Ready for Love"...look it up...it's a beautiful song).


Simply Complex said...

I almost bought some of those bookshelves too. They look nice and aren't too bulky. Plus, when you get the canvas baskets, you can keep everything looking clutter-free. Good perk. Cant wait for the rest of the weeks pics!

Amber, That's Me! said...

Love these shelves and the baskets to go in them. I have been thinking of gettting some for a while now. I think they are so versitile with how you can display or hold things.

Thanks for playing along, don't forget to link up to Mr. Linky, and I hope to see you again this week!

Melba said...

That's pretty cool, I like that it gets you thinking about how your life might look to others who don't live it every day! :)


Kristin said...

Ooh, love that song...will have to add her to my music wish list.

Courtney Hope said...

I have those shelves too!!

Great minds think alike.

Clint said...

Are those the cute vases that I gave you as a wedding present??? I'm so glad that you liked them-I knew they were the perfect gift when I saw them. ---Missy