Deals deals deals

My mom told me about a fabulous diaper deal today that she found on this sweet (local) deal finding blog. Let me give you a little run down:

Hug.gies Jumbo Pack's were on sale at Wal.greens for $10.00
I printed off a manufacturer coupon for $3 off each pack

Hug.gies big pack of wipes were on sale for $6 apack
I printed off a manufacturer coupon for $5 off each pack

Tonight when you purchased $25 (pre-coupon) of these items, you got a $10 Wal.greens bucks coupon

So this is the math after coupons:
$7/pack diapers (x2)= $14
$1/pack of big wipes= $1
total= $16.81 with tax- $10 Walgs coupon= $6.81 final price

WOOT WOOT. So I seriously went to 7 Wal.greens tonight. Completely ridiculous, I know. I did see other mommies with coupons in hand and a glimmer in their eye.

(By the way, Mark made it to 4 Wal.greens with me but he burned out quick so I dropped him off at home after picking up Decs from my parents).

Ahh, I love me some deals! My loot:


Simply Complex said...

um, nice.

well, i got one pack of diapers for 19.97- so there

Tracey said...


Melba said...

This is AWESOME...I'm so proud of you for going to seven different stores, I think I would have pooped out after four too!


Christy said...

That is AWESOME! Way to go!

Rebekah said...

WOW! I seriously need to get in on that racket!

Kris said...

Whoa that is awesome!!! I am such a coupon hound. I love a good deal. We use pampers diapers and huggies wipes. If I wasnt living like a gypsy for the next two months and then on to Germany I'd have been all over stocking up!

Kristin said...

Ahhh...you make me laugh! And I thought I was crazy. ;) I stocked up on some wipes from Target using these coupons and felt like I won the lottery but your stash is bigger than mine! LOL

ps - I didn't know we had 7 Walgreens in town!

Julie said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets a rush out of going to Walgreens for a good deal! I feel your excitement completely. Thanks for letting us know about the deal blog too.

Erik Hustad said...

Dave would be proud

nunface said...

so, how many poops for your little guy does that add up to?

KimboSue said...


Doripink said...

girlfriend! Next time I need an early heads-up! Nice work!