American Idol by Ash

This season there is so much talent...it's hard to choose a favorite!

Matt . Giraud- He is a 50/50 mix of my husband's high school friend, Austin, and Justin Timberlake (in the looks department). We've been saying that he's totally emerging from the shadows these last few weeks and the judges are starting to acknowledge it. Tonight he did Marvin Gaye proud!

Kris . Allen- Does anyone think he looks like a mini Nick Lachey? Hmm. Anywho, this cutie pie is rock solid and tonight's rendition of "How Sweet it is to be Loved by You" was really good. Oh, and I totally love his pretty blonde haired wife beaming in the audience week-to-week. 

Scott . MacIntire- First of all, the wardrobe department is seriously playing with the fact that he can't see. Pink jeans and a paisley shirt? C'mon...be nice. But really- he's a great guy but I've never been a big fan. He lost me at "Mandolin Rain" 4 weeks ago and every song has sounded the same since. Tonight was really annoying/cheesy/not good. I'm pretty sure he shouldn't be in the top 10. Whatev. 

Megan . Joy- So I was a bit surprised that www.votefortheworst.com picked Megan this year. They try to get people vote for the worst (like it says) to keep them around. I really don't dislike Megan, it's just that her jazzy voice gets a bit old. I'm still recovering from "Rockin' Robin" weeks ago and tonight didn't help. MoTown and Megan didn't meet in harmony tonight. Yikes. Hey, at least she's gorgeous!?

Anoop . Desai- This kid wins the award for his voice not matching his "look". But, he's smooth like buttah. Confession- we were hoping he was gone after he butchered Michael Jackson's "Beat It". Tonight he was a 7 out of 10. There are still several guys better. I will say that last week was Ahhh-mazing. This week, pretty good.

Michael . Sarver- He looks just like my worship pastor at my church, who's name is also Mike. For the record, my worship pastor is better vocally. I just can't figure out why he's made it this far. He's got a pretty good voice but not THAT good. This week we at least didn't start fast forwarding the DVR before the end of his performance. See, I can be positive about Michael. I bet he's going soon. Even Paula struggled to hand out a compliment tonight.

Lil . Rounds- Does anyone else think she's overrated? I feel like she's yelling through every song every week. Don't start flaming me now...she does have a great voice. Others are definitely more original and more entertaining.  I might be way off here but I think she should go home to her 3 kids. Ooops! Did I just type that?

Adam . Lambert- He's so good it's ridiculous. I'm a big Johnny Cash fan so last week was weird when he went nutso with "Ring of Fire" but it was still undeniable that his voice is amazing. Tonight was crazy crazy crazy GOOD. His falsetto is off the hook. I was lovin' the Elvis look tonight too. I think no matter what happens in this competition, he'll get a record contract and I'll buy his CD. 

Danny . Gokey- His soulful voice has been a favorite of ours since day 1. I love the unique raspy tone to it. He rocked it tonight as always. His dance moves are funny but he can pay a choreographer some day when he's rich. He'll remain a front runner. If America doesn't keep him there, the judges will. (Remember the "save" card this year?)

Allison . Iraheta - Can you believe she is only 16 years old? Every week I'm surprised by her mature voice and performance. She oozes confidence and was great at "Papa was a Rolling Stone" tonight. I predict that she'll go far, but I still think one of the boys will take the title this year.

In summary, tonight's #1 was hands down Adam.Lambert with Matt.Giraud, Kris.Allen and Danny.Gokey close behind. Allison.Iraheta took the cake for the ladies.

Let's hear it. Who's your fav?


jesshustad said...

Oh i just love how in to american idol you are! :) And i agree with you completely!

ADAM LAMBERT. A WHOLE DIFFERENT LEAGUE. I know weren't a big fan of his Ring of Fire interpretation...but I thought it was amazing. I get goosebumps when he sings. It's unbelievable.

Enough said.

M/J Granata said...

We agree with you on most of the idols. I do, however, really like Meagan... While she can be a little aggravating with her dancing, I like that she is different... her voice is unique. With that being said, I agreed with the judges last night and think that she may find herself in the bottom 3. Ditto on Scott and Danny. We really like Danny a lot. Adam is very good too and he is growing on me after last night. Thanks for the fun post. We predict that Michael, Meagan, and Scott will be in the bottom 3 tonight! Hoping Meagan gets another chance... :)

M/J Granata said...

We agree with you on most of the idols. We predict that Michael, Scott, and Meagan will be in the bottom 3 tonight! I really do like Meagan, though. While her dancing can be aggravating, she has a very unique voice! But, with that being said, I agreed with the judges last night and believe she will find herself in the bottom 3 tonight. We also really like Danny... but, Adam performed much better than him last night. Adam is growing on me. I fully agree with you about Lil... totally! Thanks for the fun post... We will find out tonight who goes home!!!
P.S. I don't have your email address to invite you to read my blog... can you send it to me?
Thanks... Julie :)
I am including my email in this comment... if you get two of them, just throw one away! :)))

Rebekah said...

I can say DITTO on all the above. Ben and I love Adam (last night was insane good) and Danny best. Robin definitely took it for the ladies....And the blind guy? Seriously! He's awful!!!! He plays the piano beautifully....but it ends there!

TXMom2B said...

I totally agree (except that I didn't turn it on until after Matt finished so I can't comment on him)! Megan killed me on Rockin Robin--did she really flap her wings on national television? She acts like she's only half there, so, yeah, she's not going to last long. Watching her in those pretty-but-bright clothes with chunky jewelry with wild makeup plus the tattoo gives me a headache. Too much. It's a shame, too, because her voice really is original. If she could just pick the right songs and get help with the presentation she could stick around.

Shauna said...

hey guess what! we adopted!

Neenie said...

I cannot go into how hot Adam Lambert is or I will just explode with gooiness...