The Cornhusker State

One Nebraska stereotype that I do not mind is that we have lots of corn. We do. But ya know? It's sooooo delicious!!! Tonight at Papa's (my dad's) birthday party, Decs got hooked up with his own corncob to gnaw on.

The cousins had some good slip n slide and popsicle time. Here's my nephew Shauny. Isn't he the cutest? Tonight he informed me that he's much bigger than all ants. He also said "sure thing" about 20 times. Adorable. 

My dad, Declan's Papa, tought him to give him a five. Maybe all the arm action was getting to him because he waved for the first time (on his own) tonight. So cute!!! Also, he's taking 6-7 steps and standing with such confidence. He looks like he had a margarita first but, hey, he's still walking!


becklaw said...

LOVE these pictures! :-) Yeah,I don't shop at Walmart (we're one of the few). Definitely let me know the name of the documentary. Hope you're doing great! We need to ichat...what is your name?

jesshustad said...

gosh my nephew is the cutest.