Open Adoption Wish List

The open adoption roundtable marches on. If you want to read other's posts on this topic visit Production, Not Reproduction. My open adoption "wish list" looks a little like this:

*Security. My wish is that Declan will be a strong, confident, kind and secure person. I want him to know where he came from. I want him to know his birth parents made a loving plan for his life and did not "give him up". 
*Relationship. My wish is that Declan will continue to have a relationship with his birth parents. We see them every few months now and I hope the contact doesn't go away. I wish for him to feel close to and know the amazing people that C and T are.
*Peace. I wish for C and T to have peace in their lives. They've ended their relationship and are moving on to new things and I've never known if they have peace. As you might remember, they did change their mind and take Declan home for 7 days. Did they feel like adoption is what they had to do or something they knew they needed to do? My prayer for them is peace.
*Comfort. My wish is for us to all continue to become closer. I hope to look down the sideline at Declan's soccer game someday and see T or C. 
*Honesty. I wish for Dec's adoption to be an open book to him as he grows. I want him to be a proud adopted child. I wish for us, as parents, to handle those hard questions with humility and love.
*Character. My wish for Declan (I'm veering from the theme) is that he is a caring human being. My wish is that he treats people with respect. That he does not judge. My wish is that he is confident and funny like me. My wish is that he's kind, smart and analytical like his Dad. My wish is that we have the strength to be the role models he deserves and that we teach him about a relationship with God- not just a religion. More than anything, my wish is for him to be happy person that knows he's loved more than this mom can describe.


jesshustad said...

:) love this.

Anonymous said...

What a great list! And I love your new header, it is absolutely precious.