Wordless Wednesday


Doripink said...

When did our children turn 5 !?!?!
LOL...they are both getting SOOO big :( And seriously, can Declan get any stinkin' cuter!!!! Love him!

Melba said...

He looks like a man with a plan there!! These are cute pictures...I love his intense little stare in that last photo. :)


Montefusco Family said...

Uh yeah, what she said.
Such a cutie!

Anonymous said...

how tall is he?!?!? My daughter is almost 32" at just days younger than Declan but he looks like he would tower over her!

He is such a sweetie! I love seeing new pictures of his sweet face!

Simply Complex said...

Goodness, he is a tall little dude. Look at him reaching the door handle!