Guess what the mailman brought?

I just got through the mail from late last week and there was a great little surprise in it....a birth certificate for this precious boy:

Oh...and the "mother" and "father" portion?? It included the information of this crazy couple:

WOOT!! I know it's just a piece of paper but to us it's another piece to our puzzle. The joy of a birth certificate is compounded by having to wait for it to be changed to reflect our forever family. 

I got caught in a "goose bump moment" tonight. Declan was splashing around in the tub making his famous laughing noise (sort of a hacking sound) and I was getting choked up. He's such a little man. He looks tall. His neck is longer. His hair is filling out. He has such a personality. Not a baby anymore. How did this happen so fast? 

Today Mark and I were sitting opposite each other in the living room while Declan walked back and forth to each of us and I said that he was the most adorable boy I've ever seen. My husband said the sweetest possible thing: "Of course he's adorable, he's our son". I didn't think genetics, I just soaked up his comment. Of course he's adorable. He's our son. My heart overflows. Every life experience is richer. The mundane is filled with more meaning. Looking at things through Declan's eyes makes every moment delicious. 

Adoption finalization...check. Birth certificate...check. Forever family blessed-beyond-what-words-could-ever-describe...check check.


Robin said...

Very sweet post! Congrats on the birth certificate. I still think it's the weirdest thing seeing our names on our daughter's - in the days of open records and open adoptions, it just doesn't make sense!

Melba said...

AWESOME...congratulations! What a miracle, seriously!!


Montefusco Family said...

What a sweet post! I am very happy for you all. What a lucky mom and dad. What a lucky little boy!

Tracey said...

Yes, a little piece of paper means a lot.

Sam said...

Congrats on the birth certificate! We are still waiting on ours.... thanks to a totally incompetent adoption clerk in our courthouse, it has been sent twice to Vital Statistics... only to be returned because she did not send proper paperwork. UGH! I will be so excited when ours arrives.... it's just another piece of the puzzle that we've worked so long on!
Congrats - again!

jesshustad said...


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BB said...

Sweet post! It makes me wonder if people whose role as parents came easy ever have those overwhelming moments of pure joy and thankfulness.

Shauna said...

such a great post.
gives me tears.
congrats on your beautiful family.
declan is lucky too!
reading your experiences gives me so much hope and anticipation for my own.....you write beautifuly.
our court date is 9/10....i can't wait!

Doripink said...

awesome post! You're so right...it's just a piece of paper, but yet to see YOUR name under the "mother" section is so emotional! He is getting cuter by the day!