feed the boy!

We had a great time celebrating my dad's 54th this weekend at our favorite Mexican restaurant. 

Declan ate the following:
-an entire basket of chips
-a full bowl of salsa
-full serving of rice and beans
-almost all of my niece's fries
-part of a tostada

Yet, he's still a string bean. Who knows?! 
Could it be the constant running after any and every ball in sight? 
Probably so.


Simply Complex said...

I totally understand that! G hasn't gained any weight in about two months but he eats everything. He's 24 pounds and holding right there.

Melba said...

I am sometimes amazed at how much our little guy can eat. He's small for his age bracket (well exactly average actually) but still...he can pack it in there! I guess the running around like crazy does help offset what they take in. BOYS!