2010 in Pictures

Snow, lots of snow.
We had to tame the climber with this ugly tent (still in use):
taming the climber

Declan officially moves from baby to little man.
looking so grown up!
As that happened, we saw more of this:

sweet boy
Marriage conference, hotel and alone time with my husband. A rarity.

Warmer weather + park = Declan in heaven.
(notice the scraped arm? pretty much a fixture for Decs)
pretty eyes!

My Aunt from Texas visited. Always a fabulous time.
Mom & Aunt Laurie
We celebrated 7 years of marriage at a local vineyard.
Mark @ JAV
Erik, Jess and baby Evie move back to L-town from Seattle!

Decs gets the "big chop" in time for some hot Nebraska weather.
Em did a great job!
Always a fun time with the cousins!
Many days spent at the spray park.

Daddy and Decs on the 4th:
Many good times with Life Group buddies:
we plan to take this pic yearly
Bye-bye front tooth! Also, first swimming lessons. 
the day after Dec's face met the wood floor
Some more cousin love! Summertime is just the best.
aw, love this!!

It's hot, hot, hot!
Declan turns TWO. We celebrated in 95 degree temps outside. Brilliant. Good times besides the sweating.

Our first ever vacation! We took a long road trip from Nebraska to Austin, Texas. Decs snoozing in the car:
sleeping on the road
At my Grandaddy's 80th b.day party in Texas:
our little family :)
I also celebrated my 29th b.day.
Grandaddy's birthday bash!
Annual Mahoney State Park trip.
Mahoney 2010

Cheered on the Huskers. They needed all the cheering they could get this season.
Fun at the pumpkin patch with the sister-in-laws.
Declan was a little pirate for Halloween.

Mark turned 30 and we had a big birthday bash.

Celebrated Thanksgiving with a near death turkey frying:
Frying the Thanksgiving turkey
Enjoyed mild temps with a T.Giving day football game.

First time decorating gingerbread house.
 Hung out with birthmom!
 And birthdad!

Declan celebrated 2010 with exuberance.

Last year was a year of joy, love, family and blessings. We also met many valleys that made us hug each other a little tighter. 

In 2011 I look forward to new memories! And a new baby?! Hmmm. We'll see. :)

Happy New Year!!!!


Kayla Joy said...

I love that I've been with you in blogland through all of this. It's been fun watching you and your family grow and change! Thanks for being so faithful to post beautiful pictures and stories! It's a joy being a part of this from afar!

Leah said...

Awesome!! And next time you are in Austin, please look me up!!

Corrin said...

Hi Ashley.
Would love to have you join us for January Reflections, if you are up for it. Here is more info. http://thegloriousimpossible.com/pages/january-reflections

Melba said...

Not sure why but for some reason this brought tears to my eyes, good tears that ismisanto. I LOVE being able to see a glimpse into your lives. Decs is seriously handsome and you are a beautiful family! I can't wait to find out what's in store for 2011!


Simply Complex said...

I wish nothing more than for you to have another baby. Having two is so exciting!

Johanna @ These Prices said...

Love all the pictures! What a great year you guys had. (We got a really similar crib. Love!)

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

I love all the pictures...what a fun year! Declan is so cute and growing so fast. Love your pictures as always!!

Joy said...

Awww...Ashley!!! You've captured such precious memories so well through you lens. You totally inspire me. Great job. And what a fun way to reflect! Might have to do this on my blog. :)

April said...

Love the 4th of July picture with Declan and his daddy. So precious!