January Reflections: Reading

January Reflections '11 - 250 x 250
I've never been much of a reader but I've been converted. This sweet, sleek white little machine has changed my world. Yes, the Kindle has made me love reading! It's so easy to take anywhere, I can read several books at the same time and not feel guilty that I need to finish one before I start another. Since my dear Kindle has joined my world on Christmas I've read/almost finished the following:

-"The Help": This book is hard to put down. It's set in Mississippi during the civil rights movement. The story forms around it's 3 main characters- Miss Skeeter, Minny and Aibileen. Miss Skeeter is a recent college graduate who chooses to write about black maids working for white families. Minny and Aibileen (the black maids) keep you hooked in to their stories. I don't want to tell you much more except go get it!
-"In Their Own Voices"- A blog friend recommended this to me. It's a very difficult book to read but I'm so glad I did. The entire book consists of interviews of transracial adoptees. These adoptees talked very candidly about their life growing up in white families while being African American or biracial. Some stories shared great pain about never fitting in and struggling to find identity. There were also amazing stories of love, acceptance and family. 
-"A Non-Runner's Marathon Guide for Women"- I bought this book because I strongly considered running a half marathon this May and I'm definitely NOT a runner. It followed the author, Dawn, through her journey from the couch to a marathon. She was super open about the how hard her training schedule was and the toll it took on her body. She spoke often of aches, pains, boredom, etc. Personally it de-inspired me to run. That's just my 2 cents.
-"Love & Respect"- The entire basis of this book was that without love, wives struggle to respect their spouses - but- on the flip side, without respect, husbands struggle love their wives the way they need to be. Couples get stuck in a "crazy cycle" where their marriages go round and round in a hamster wheel of discontent. This book teaches wives to treat their husband with deeper respect and husbands to love their wives deeper. It was a really good read. I catch myself nagging or cutting off my husband on some issue and I've taken pause to think "does this show him respect?" more often than I ever have.  A must read for all married couples. 

Currently, I'm also reading "Crazy Love", "Aftershock" and "The Five Love Languages". What are your faves? I'll put them on my list! 


Tracey... said...

I have the same kindle and the same cover...I think we were separated at birth....wow!

Julie said...

I loved The Help. You can't go wrong with anything by Francine Rivers, especially Redeeming Love and her Voice in the Wind Series.

Crista said...

My husband, Mike, got a Nook recently and he absolutely loves it. I haven't gotten to use it yet, and I doubt I can pry it away from him anytime soon.

Heidi said...

Ben got a kindle for Christmas too and LOVES it! he's been switching between books like crazy...although that's nothing new for him :)

Joy-Filled-Everyday said...

Ditto the Francine Rivers books. Some of my favorites from book club are Thirteen Tale, Rebecca, The Good Earth, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, The House at Riverton, Same Kind of Different As Me, The Tea Rose/The Winter Rose, Demon, Twilight Series (oh yes, I said it). Bringing up Boys is really good. Well, parts of it. There are just some really excellent nuggets in there that will make you go "ok! I'm not crazy...that's the way boys are SUPPOSED to be!" :)

Kathryn said...

My book club and I are just starting to read The Help!! I've heard such good things about it, and was excited to see it mentioned on your blog too. cool.