He's a natural.

Not sure if I should find an art dealer to sell Declan's first masterpiece or a therapist to interpret it? Just kidding. Either way, Dec's new easel is a huge hit. 
I asked Declan if he'd stand in front of his pretty picture and he said "Jack-Jack do it." So, that he did. 


Miss Morgan said...

I STILL have trouble drawing stars!! Love the picture of him with the title...super cute :)

Rebekah said...

Cracking up at the Jack-Jack comment! I got Ty a paper roll/roller for Christmas and he LOVES to color. Mommy is having issues relinquishing control...A toddler with markers and crayons (even attended) is messy and scary! :) But, I'm doing pretty good at letting him do his thing!

April said...

Love the picture of your doggie in front of Declan's masterpiece! Cute!