chipity chop

It's sticky hot here in Nebraska so it was time for the little man to get his hair chopped! It's always a hard day for this shaggy-hair-lovin' mama. Despite cold feet late last night, I rallied my internal troops and went through with the spikey David Beckham-ish cut. This adorable kid could pull off anything.

Pre cut:
 juice box + cookie = pretty cooperative
 post cut with his bestie, luke

We've officially welcomed summer. Bring on the short hair, popsicles, watermelon, swimming, multiple baths, late night park play, cook outs, sprinkler runs, bike rides, and more!!!


Anonymous said...

Such a cutie! You are right. He can pull off anything.

April said...

Love his new haircut! Wish I got a cookie when I went to get mine cut! : )