We live in a city of a few hundred thousand and absolutely love the sense of community that exists- especially in the summer. We love our local farmer's market, outdoor music nights and kids activities. Tonight we headed over to one of our favorite parks (the location of Declan's 2nd b.day bash) to listen to some fabulous tunes. Lawn chairs were scattered everywhere, kids inhaled free popcorn and snow cones and we ran in to people we knew at each turn. It was unseasonably cool--Monday was 100 degrees, today 65 degrees (welcome to Nebraska, folks). Fabulous night.
My precious niece:
First snow cone!

*ignore the grainy cell phone pics.... ;)


jules said...

Is this the park you are always talking about that has a fence around it? This is so close to our house. Will they be having other summer activities. I think I need your help figuring out all these things to go to in town that help give that sense of community. I have trouble finding those things.

Lost in Space said...

Awww, love this. Makes me miss home a little...except for that crazy weather. (-;